Newspaper Roundup for Monday, October 15, 2012

By Susan Jones | October 15, 2012 | 8:22 AM EDT

Obama 'confident' Minaj, Carey will make up
Asked about the feud on Y100’s “The Yo! Show”

New York Times:
Rebel Arms Flow Is Said to Benefit Jihadists in Syria

New Hampshire Union-Leader:
Manchester school board member wonders: Are healthy lunches backfiring in city schools?

Washington Times:
GOP: Libya shows Obama ‘incompetent’
White House ‘misleading’ U.S. about deadly consulate attack

Washington Times:
Colonel’s class on radical Islam leaves his career in limbo

Washington suburb collects belts to keep kids' pants up
Pull ‘Em Up campaign leading a belt collection drive at 13 locations across PG County

New York Times:
Christian Group Sees Gay Agenda in an Anti-Bullying Day
Controversy swirls around "Mix It Up at Lunch Day"

Chicago Tribune:
Drought leads restaurants to raise prices, cut portions

Washington Post:
At second debate, pressure’s on Obama to show some fight

Chicago Sun-Times:
Report: Jackson allegedly improperly used campaign money to decorate home

Obama takes credit, talks up U.S. auto industry

Boston Globe:
GOP faith unshaken in supply-side tax policies

Washington Post:
Bowie student, 9, elected to national board on childhood obesity

The Hill:
Axelrod defends White House on Libya, says Romney seeking to ‘exploit’ issue
Political adviser comes to the boss's rescue

USA Today:
EPA probes health risks left by old lead factory sites

Obama says debate prep 'going great'; Last time, he called it a 'drag'

Chicago Sun-Times:
17-year-old among five fatally shot in weekend violence in Chicago

USA Today:
Victims' families invited to watch 9/11 hearings

Palm Beach Post:
Amendment would let religious groups get public funds
Some say its passage may bring a revival of school vouchers

Weekly Standard:
Elizabeth Warren Claims Not to 'Know' If Union Members Were Fined for Not Supporting Her

Houston Chronicle:
Training, cameras part of sheriff's response to jail sex abuses

New York Times:
HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Alter Sexual Behavior, Study Finds

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Todd Akin, Claire McCaskill reveal what they would do in the Senate