Ohio newspaper suspends cartoonist amid criticism

By the Associated Press | December 6, 2011 | 7:05 PM EST

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio newspaper says it has suspended an editorial cartoonist after a blog reported his Sunday panel resembles a 2009 New Yorker cartoon.

The Daily Cartoonist pointed the finger Tuesday at The Columbus Dispatch's Jeff Stahler. His Sunday cartoon shows a woman at a desk telling a man his resume is "in a medium-sized pile" on the floor near "the assistant director's office." The New Yorker cartoon involves a novel "in a medium-size pile" on the floor near "Oprah's assistant's desk."

Dispatch Editor Ben Marrison says Stahler is suspended, with pay, pending the completion of an internal review.

Emails to Stahler's Dispatch and Facebook addresses seeking comment were not immediately returned. A valid home phone listing could not be found.

Stahler tells The Daily Cartoonist the resemblance is coincidental.