Hawaii Sailor Finds Message in a Bottle from Japan

By Staff | September 16, 2011 | 11:31 AM EDT

In this Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011 photo provided by the U.S. Navy, Petty Officer Jon Moore stands on the beach at Pacific Missile Range Facility, Hawaii while removing a message from a bottle sent from Kagoshima, Japan more than five years ago. (AP Photo/U.S. Navy, Jay C. Pugh)

Pacific Missile Range Facility, Hawaii (AP) - A sailor participating in a beach cleanup in Hawaii found a message in bottle that had been dropped in the ocean more than five years ago by a school girl in Japan.

Petty Officer Jon Moore stumbled upon the clear glass bottle Thursday at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai. Inside, he found a note from Saki Arikawa, four origami flowers, and a photo of Arikawa's sixth grade glass in Kagoshima.

The note was dated March 25, 2006. It read, "I wrote this letter because we'll graduate elementary school so I wanted it to be a graduation memory."

The Navy says Moore was among 40 base personnel and 16 students and faculty from a Kauai school who picked up beach trash in observance of International Coastal Cleanup Day.