You Can't Pull Our Ads, Tells NBC

By Melanie Arter | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

( - A liberal group Monday is blasting NBC for the decision of two local affiliates owned by GE not to run ads that slams politicians for allegedly siding with corporate interests over the needs of their constituents. PAC called the decision "outrageous," suggesting it is a right-wing conspiracy.

"We think it's outrageous for NBC to censor our ad, and wonder if this reflects the well-known right-wing leanings of their parent company, GE," said in a press release.

"What other explanation could there be for an Ohio NBC station refusing to run our well-sourced, entirely factual ad, while airing the Swift Boat Veterans' deceptive ads in 2004? NBC has a responsibility to be balanced and serve the public, just like the 33 other stations that are running the ad," the group added.

NBC pulled the ads because they were misleading, but noted the network refuses to specify exactly what is misleading about the ad.

The series, titled "Caught Red-Handed," is part of's spring TV ad program, which it claims is a "critical part of the big plan to win in November. The ads are "the best we've made yet," said on its website.

"We provided evidence for every fact in our ads in the substantiation document which was sent to all of the stations ..." the group said. "The facts are clear because the total PAC contributions received by the members of Congress and their votes are matters of public record."

The ads, filmed in black and white, features Republicans whose hands are colored red as a metaphor for corruption in Washington, the group noted on its website.

The ads - which target Reps. Chris Chocola (Ind.), Thelma Drake (Va.), Nancy Johnson (Conn.), and Deborah Pryce (Ohio) - allege that all four of them accepted thousands of dollars from energy companies then voted against bills that would have penalized the companies for price gouging.

The ads also accuse Rep. Tom DeLay (Texas), Vice President Dick Cheney and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff of being "caught red-handed."

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