Woman Made Up Story about Attack over McCain Sticker, Police Say

By Melanie Hunter-Omar | October 24, 2008 | 2:04 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) – The McCain campaign worker who told Pittsburgh, Pa., police she was mugged by an attacker who scrawled the letter “B” on her face with a knife has admitted she lied about the attack, according to a local television station.
Twenty-year-old Ashley Todd of Texas claimed she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield and that the robber punched and kicked her, then carved a “B” on her face after he saw a McCain bumper sticker on her car.
After police noticed some inconsistencies in her story, they gave her a lie detector test, but they did not release the results.
“Because of the inconsistencies in her statements, Ms. Todd was asked to submit to a polygraph examination which she agreed to do," Pittsburgh Police spokesperson Diane Richard said in a statement on Friday.
On Friday afternoon, Todd admitted she made the story up, according to WTAE-TV.