Van Jones on CNN: Romney Acted Like a ‘Douche,’ Obama Acted Like a ‘Wimp’

By | October 17, 2012 | 11:43 AM EDT

( – Former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones said on CNN's "Situation Room" on Tuesday that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had acted like a “douche,” and President Barack Obama like a “wimp,” during the first presidential debate.

“You had two guys up there--one was kind of acting like a douche, and one was acting kind of like a wimp, and between a wimp and a douche--” Jones said.

“Those are strong words, Van,” said Gloria Borger.

“Those are strong words, but if that’s the divide, I think people are going to want somebody who seems like a stronger leader even if they were a little bit obnoxious. I think what you’re going to see now is who's the real guy,” Jones said.

“You’re saying Romney was obnoxious?” asked Borger.

“I thought that Romney--he did well for himself, but he was really obnoxious, he was very aggressive. For some women you would think that would be a turn off, but if somebody is showing them a level of strength that he was showing, I think that gave some appeal,” Jones said.

Jones went on-air an hour later to apologize for his comments.

“We want to invite Van Jones to come back on here in ‘The Situation Room’ to discuss some comments – unfortunate comments he made in the last hour about Governor Romney. Van, I know you want to say something,” anchor Wolf Blitzer said.

“I just wanted to say – listen, I want to apologize to you, to the CNN audience, and to Governor Romney himself. Very poor choice of words, and I regret it. I apologize,” Jones said.

“And I know you do. I know you feel bad about it, and I’m glad you apologized,” Blitzer told Jones.