Values Voter Bus Tour to Offer 'Message of Real Hope and Change'

By Susan Jones | October 10, 2011 | 6:42 AM EDT

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. (AP photo)

( - If you couldn't make it to the Values Voter Summit in Washington this past weekend, look for the Values Voter bus to come to you.

Family Research Council Action says its bus tour will travel the country over the next year, "mobilizing new voters and bringing a message of real hope and change."

The tour kicked off this past weekend -- destination, New Hampshire -- with conservative presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann on board.

The Values Voter bus will then travel to the swing states of Ohio and Missouri.

FRC Action says that in the coming year, the bus will travel through other battleground states, including North Carolina and Minnesota, both of which have marriage amendments on their ballots.

"We have invited the presidential candidates to join the 'Values Voter Bus Tour' so that they can speak directly to values voters about their plans to protect marriage, safeguard religious liberty, protect the rights of the unborn and restore fiscal sanity," said Tony Perkins, president of FRC Action.

"The presidential race remains fluid in part because values voters have a good selection of candidates who understand that the three cords of conservatism -- social, fiscal and defense -- are intertwined and will work to strengthen them.

"While values voters may rally behind different primary candidates, they are united in the belief that President Obama must be a one-term president. This President must be replaced if we hope to make America militarily strong and secure, economically prosperous and free, and socially healthy and virtuous," concluded Perkins.