Utah: Enforcing Immigration Will Cost Millions

By Staff | February 8, 2011 | 11:53 AM EST

Salt Lake City (AP) - Utah lawmakers are being told that an immigration enforcement bill modeled on Arizona's law could cost state and local governments millions of dollars a year.

A fiscal note for House Bill 70, released Monday, estimates that Utah cities and counties would need to spend between $5.3 million and $11 million per year to verify the identity of people and detain illegal immigrants.

An estimate by the legislative fiscal analyst says the law would cost the state almost $900,000 per year.

That would include about $713,000 for the Department of Public Safety to train employees and enforce the law, and $160,000 per year for litigation by the state attorney general's office.

Utah House and Senate legislative leaders have said they doubt a bill costing state or local governments money would pass.