University sues Ryan O'Neal over Fawcett portrait

By the Associated Press | July 9, 2011 | 12:14 AM EDT

FILE- In this Aug. 29, 2004 file photo, actress Farrah Fawcett arrives for the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. The University of Texas system sued Fawcett's longtime partner, Ryan O'Neal, asking that a federal judge order him to turn over an Andy Warhol painting of the model and actress that they claim he is keeping without permission. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, file)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The University of Texas system is asking a federal judge to order Ryan O'Neal to turn over an Andy Warhol portrait of his longtime companion Farrah Fawcett that it claims the actor is keeping without permission.

The lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles states that Fawcett deeded two portraits of her made by the famous artist along with other artwork to the University of Texas at Austin. She died in June 2009.

The university claims O'Neal is keeping the other Warhol portrait improperly and may have more pieces of Fawcett's artwork.

An email to attorney Howard Weitzman, who has represented O'Neal in other civil disputes, was not immediately returned.

The school system wants O'Neal to purchase insurance for the painting, calling it an "impeccable piece of art" of immense value.