Top Impeachment Investigator Labels Clinton 'Disgrace' Who Made U.S. 'Laughingstock'

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

( David Schippers says he voted for Bill Clinton twice.

However, Schippers, who led the House Judiciary Committee's investigation of Clinton that resulted in the president's impeachment, now says about Clinton: "The man is a disgrace to the office, he is a disgrace to the United States. He's made the United States a laughingstock of the world."

"I'm still a registered Democrat but from what I've seen on the national scene, I could never vote for a Democrat on the national level again until they clean up their act," Schippers said.

Schippers is a Chicago attorney who was hired for the investigative counsel's job by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-IL), a longtime friend. After the impeachment trial was over, Schippers returned to his Chicago law practice.

In his new book called "Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment", Schippers says congressional leaders from both parties succumbed to political pressure and sold out the House members who impeached Clinton, thus insuring that the Senate would not remove him from office.

Schippers believes Republicans caved in to all of the Democrats' demands during the trial.

"I am convinced that the Democrats knew or felt that people weren't reading all that stuff that was released, those thousands of pages of documents that were released to the House by the [Judiciary] committee. People weren't reading that. They were reading the newspapers, they were listening to the television ... focusing solely on the sex, sex, sex, sex -- not lies, not perjury," Schippers said.

"Remember when the OJ Simpson trial went on, everybody in the country was fascinated. They were watching every word of evidence every day. I think the Democrats in the Senate realized that if there was an actual trial with live witnesses standing up there and testifying as to what happened, with live evidence being presented where people could actually see the victims and listen to their stories, their polls would have gone to hell in a hand-basket, because the people would have been almost forced to listen to the truth," Schippers said.

However, Schippers believes Republicans also must share the blame for derailing Clinton's Senate impeachment trial as well.

"The Republican leadership was so damned afraid of the polls, so damn afraid of being called partisan or unfair, that they just caved. They caved in to everything the Democrats wanted," Schippers said.

"They were looking at the polls. [House Judiciary Committee Chairman] Henry Hyde and the managers tried to convince [Senate Majority Leader Trent] Lott and those guys that those polls would change if the people of the United States heard the evidence. But they didn't have the 'guts' to go in and that's the only word I can use," Schippers said.

"The Senate was always looking down on the House, saying we're not going to have a circus like they had in the House and we're not going to have all this screaming and hollering. But the screaming and hollering is the way the House is supposed to work. Those people (House members) had looked at the evidence and they found that he had committed impeachable offenses," Schippers told

But Schippers doesn't think the Senate was in any mood to listen to the evidence gathered by the House Impeachment Managers.

"From day one, that ball game was rigged," Schippers said. "There was no way we were going to put on evidence. How can you say that there's a system that works when they (Senators) stand up and take an oath, knowing that they have no intention of following that oath. What the hell does an oath mean anymore?"