Tom Brokaw on Holder: If It Was John Ashcroft, ‘The Left Would Be Going Very Hard After Them’

By Melanie Arter | June 3, 2013 | 1:22 PM EDT

News veteran Tom Brokaw (AP Photo)

( – News veteran Tom Brokaw, in an appearance said if Bush administration Attorney General John Ashcroft were dealing with the same scandals that Attorney General Eric Holder has been embroiled in as part of the Obama administration, “the left would be going very hard after them.”

“From a political point of view, one of the ways that you can measure the impact of all of this and the fairness of it, think if this had happened in the Bush administration with John Ashcroft as the attorney general. You know full well the Democrats and the left would be going very hard after them with these issues that are in play,” Brokaw said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.

Host David Gregory asked Brokaw whether Holder would resign given the number of scandals DOJ is caught up in, most recently investigating the phone records of AP reporters and editors as well as Fox News.

“Do you think – you’ve seen these kind of investigations before, meaning the Judiciary investigation, committee investigation of the attorney general. This could be elongated. You have this morning on ‘The New York Times’ government officials talking off the record or on background about his effectiveness. Does he stay in the job?” Gregory asked.

“Boy, I think it’s tough to see how he does at this case. It’s up to the president. What we’re seeing in the ‘New York Times’ today is that familiar Washington two-step - officially getting the endorsement of people like David Axelrod and the spokesman for the president, but at the same time, there’s another part of that two-step that is going on in which people think it would better if he left,” Brokaw said.

“It would be better for the president to get this cleaned up. He has become obviously the lightning rod for a lot of the criticism just on this panel and certainly in Republican circles,” Brokaw added.