Tipper: It Won't Matter If We Lose

By Bob Melvin | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Although an ardent campaigner for her husband Al, Tipper Gore says that it wouldn't matter to her if the Democrats lost to George W Bush and the Republicans in the November general election.

In a telling glimpse of conflicting priorities last week in Oregon, the 52-year-old "second lady" told The Sunday Times of London that she would not care if her husband lost the election.

Although she fully supports her husband's bid for the White House, Tipper Gore said succeeding Hillary Clinton as the nation's "first lady" has never been her ambition.

"There are many things both of us could do," Tipper said, contemplating a future for herself and her husband away from the arduous political arena.

Tipper says that, if her husband loses the election, "We have our farm in Tennessee. I have my photography. We'll take our 24 years in public service. We're happy about that. The campaign is something that is in my life, but not my entire life.

"I'll tell you one thing I always knew about him: life with him would be interesting. It has been. And I think the next part of our life is also going to be interesting," she said.

For the vice-president, such a future may be more difficult to envision.

Tipper personally believes in a strong family unit and campaigns for such broad-based issues as mental health awareness and parental warnings on recording labels. Her campaign, begun in 1984, encouraged recording companies to put parental warning labels on records that contained obscene lyrics.

The campaign attained a great measure of success, but the battle still continues, she said. ."If you want to protect women, then don't buy those products" by artists that rap or sing about rape, molestation and other abuses against females, she said.