‘Time to Get Lou Dobbs Off CNN,’ Says National Democrat Network

By Nicholas Ballasy | August 7, 2009 | 4:58 AM EDT

(CNSNews.com) – Simon Rosenberg, president of the National Democratic Network (NDN), says CNN’s Lou Dobbs should leave CNN and go to work for Fox News Channel. 
Rosenberg made the remark Tuesday during a panel discussion on immigration reform at NDN’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.
“I hope that one thing we can all agree with today is that it’s time to get Lou Dobbs off CNN and put him on FOX where he belongs, I think – just like Glenn Beck,” he told the audience. “I mean, I think Glenn Beck has paved the trail for Lou Dobbs, and I hope that we can see him go.”

Rosenberg also criticized the Republican Party for coming to power through the “exploitation of racial fear.”
“Their core play in their playbook was the exploitation of racial fear,” said Rosenberg.  “That’s different from racism. I’m not arguing that the Republicans have been a racist party.”
He painted the GOP as “out of touch” with today’s demographics and related this to the current immigration debate.
“There can be no question that the demonization of immigrants – the way that Willie Horton was used in the 1988 presidential election,” he said.  “You go back to the welfare queens and the welfare reform debate – what was happening was the Republicans were arguing that we are with you and the Democrats are with them – them being that sociological other that is lesser than, right?”
“It is my belief that this immigration debate is really going to give the Republicans one of their only significant opportunities to make it clear that they are repudiating a political strategy that has led them to today having no African-American members of Congress who are Republican and four Cuban Hispanics from Florida, and one temporary Vietnamese member from Louisiana,” said Rosenberg.