Rubio: ‘If I Were President, I Would Be Welcoming This Investigation’

By Susan Jones | June 19, 2017 | 5:42 AM EDT

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a member of the intelligence committee, appeared on "Face the Nation" and several other Sunday talk shows on June 18, 2017. (Screen grab from CBS News)

( – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla), a member of the intelligence committee, had some advice for President Donald Trump on Sunday:

“It is in the best interests of the president and the country to have a full investigation,” Rubio told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“I really -- if I were the president, I would be welcoming this investigation. I would ask that it be thorough and completed expeditiously and be very cooperative with it.”

Trump on Sunday once again tweeted his displeasure with the ramped-up Russia investigation, now led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller: “The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the Witch Hunt,” the president tweeted.

Rubio said it’s in the best interests of the country to have a “full-scale investigation that looks at everything, so that we can move forward.”

The Washington Post reported last week that Mueller may be investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice for firing of FBI Director James Comey.

CBS’s John Dickerson asked Rubio if obstruction should be part of Mueller’s investigation as well:

“Well, I just think it is important to answer questions, because, otherwise, if people have any doubts, it undermines confidence in our system of government, in our elections, in our leaders," Rubio replied.

"As I said, I -- the best thing that can happen for the president and for America is that we have a full-scale investigation that is credible, that it reaches its conclusion one way or the other, so that we can move on, and -- but, at the same time, be knowledgeable. We have to know everything the Russians did and how they did it, so that we can prevent this from happening in the future.”

Rubio told NBC’s “Meet the Press” it is clear that Trump is “pretty fired up” about the entire Russia investigation, or as Trump calls it, a “witch hunt.”

“I don't think it's any mystery. He feels pretty strongly about the fact that he did nothing wrong, and he has tried to get multiple people to say that publicly, because they've told him that, apparently, in private. And so he wants them to say it publicly. But that in no way is going to impede the work. The work is moving forward. And I think it's important for us and everyone to understand that.”

Rubio added that being under investigation should not imply guilt, but “a lot of times, that’s how it’s portrayed. No one ever wants to be under investigation, even if you did nothing wrong, because it has negative connotations.

“That said, I think they should look at everything. Look at it all. As I said, I think it will be good for the president, good for the country to have a full and credible investigation so no one can ever say you didn't look at this or you didn't look at that," Rubio continued.

That's what needs to happen. I believe that's what will happen. And the result of that will be good for America, so that we can move on to take on important -- some other important -- some of the other important issues that are confronting us.”