Gov't Pushing Holiday Recipe Makeovers: Nothing Canned or Salty

By Susan Jones | November 19, 2013 | 11:18 AM EST

(Image from USDA/HHS)

( - "Happy, healthy holidays," say the people who run the Agriculture Department's "MyPlate" website.

As Americans reach for their favorite holiday recipes, the government is urging all of us to choose healthier ingredients. "Let MyPlate help you find solutions with "MyPlate Holiday Makeovers," the website says.

MyPlate is offering recipe makeovers for the next eight Mondays.

First up is "Sarah's Green Bean Casserole," which uses fresh green beans, onion and mushrooms; and skim milk, not canned soup, for the sauce.

The casserole is topped with whole-wheat, low-sodium crackers instead of those salty, crispy onion rings that come in a can.

"Every Monday, from today (Nov. 17) through January 6, the MyPlate Team will offer their personal recipe makeovers and ideas to help you live healthier throughout the New Year," the website promises. "You can also use the new SuperTracker feature, My Recipe, to build, save, and analyze your favorite recipes."