Border Jumper Arrested After Crossing into N.Y. on Ice

By Susan Jones | January 20, 2014 | 5:17 AM EST

Wellesley Island State Park Marina showing ice all the way to Canada. (Photo from Wesley

( - The U.S. Border Patrol is reminding the public about the dangers of illegally entering the United States by slipping across the ice.

Agents at the Wellesley Island, N.Y. station arrested a Canadian man last week as he walked along a county road in upstate New York, carrying luggage.

"Further investigation by agents discovered the individual to be a citizen of Canada who illegally entered the United States after walking across the ice covered Lake of the Isles portion of the St. Lawrence Seaway." The man wore a wetsuit under his clothes and carried an inflatable raft in case he fell through the ice.

It turns out the man was wanted for theft in Canada, and he apparently hoped to beat the rap by moving to the United States.

The Border Patrol says he was returned to Canada and is barred from re-entering the United States for five years.

"The Border Patrol would like to remind the public of the dangers associated with illegally crossing the border, especially over frozen water. Certain characteristics of the body of water, the weather and the environment can dictate the thickness of the ice. Since water seldom freezes uniformly, changes in any of these conditions may pose an extreme danger of falling through the ice for anyone attempting to cross. In cold temperature hypothermia can take effect in a matter of minutes."