Sununu: McCain Won In The "New Hampshire Tradition

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - One of New Hampshire's three Republican congressmen believes Senator John McCain (R-AZ) won the Republican primary, and former Senator Bill Bradley finished close to Vice President Al Gore in the Democratic primary, by conducting campaigns that adhered to the "New Hampshire tradition."

Asked to explain the New Hampshire tradition, Rep. John Sununu, Jr., told, "That means campaigning town to town and person to person, letting the voters meet you not once or even twice but three or four times, let them look you in the eye, ask a substantive question. That made all the difference for both Senator Bradley's much better than expected performance and Senator McCain's win."

Another factor in McCain's win, said Sununu, was the amount of time the Senator spent in the state - more than twice the number of days Bush spent in New Hampshire.

Sununu did not endorse any candidate in the primary, though his father, former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu, endorsed Governor George W. Bush last weekend.

Tuesday's vote proves that people are looking for honesty in presidential candidates, Sununu continued.

"Candidates that are thoughtful and substantive but direct and honest with the voters are going to do very well. Voters are going to look beyond a position on a particular issue and ask, 'Do they have the character and the personality and the demeanor that I want to see in an elected official?' . . . I think that's the message of the vote."