Sununu: Cloning’s Illegal So We’ll ‘Have To Settle For One Biden at a Time’

By Matt Cover | September 5, 2012 | 5:15 PM EDT

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R). (AP Photo)

( – Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R) said that the Romney presidential campaign would “have to settle for one Biden at a time” because federal law prohibited human cloning, joking with reporters that Vice President Joe Biden helps Republicans.

“Actually, I have to tell you, we have a deal with the CIA and they put [Vice] President Biden into our most difficult states because it helps us,” Sununu joked during a conference call on Wednesday.

Sununu, taking a slightly more serious tone, said that Biden’s penchant for rhetorical excess helped the Republican cause before again joking that he wished Biden could be cloned.

“Look, Joe Biden is a nice man but he has always had these problems. He always runs off faster than he thinks,” Sununu said.

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“It serves the Republican agenda to have him in as many places as possible but I still think there’s a federal law against cloning, so we’re going to have to settle for one Biden at a time,” he said.

Vice President Joe Biden. (AP Photo)

Sununu also mocked Democratic National Convention officials for relocating President Obama’s Thursday night address to an indoor facility, saying it was “dishonesty” to blame the weather. Sununu suggested the speech was moved because the party did not think it would attract enough people to fill the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

“Their latest dishonesty was when they shifted their venue for the president’s speech from the stadium to the arena – they did that after they promised ‘rain or shine’ it was going to take place in the stadium,” said Sununu. “They can’t even tell the truth on little things like that.”

Officials cited the threat of inclement weather for moving the speech by President Obama from the 73,000-seat Bank of America Stadium to the 20,000-seat Time Warner Cable Arena on Wednesday.