Students Mobilize for Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:04 PM EDT

( - National Pro-Life T-shirt Day is coming on April 27 -- a day when thousands of students will make their views known by wearing pro-life clothing to class.

Rock for Life -- a division of the American Life League -- called the effort "a simple act of solidarity and courage," and it warned that the civil rights of students "will be vigorously defended."

Students who wear pro-life messages on their T-shirts will save more babies' lives on April 27 than on any other day of the year, said Jason Scott Jones, director of ALL's Rock for Life.

He called the second annual Pro-Life T-shirt Day "a day of healing for a generation that has lost one third of its members to the genocide of abortion.

"This event will save the lives of preborn children, and spare their mothers the terrible assault on body, mind, and soul that every abortion inevitably brings," Jones added.

Rock for Life says it will be alert for cases where students are forbidden from wearing pro-life T-shirts to their high school and college classes.

"While pro-abortion forces use their free-speech rights to spread propaganda and lies unfettered, pro-lifers' free speech rights are often suppressed," Rock for Life said.

The Thomas More Law Center has offered legal assistance to students whose free speech rights are infringed.

"The pro-life majority will not be silenced by overzealous school administrators," Jones said.

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