Starr Calls On Clinton To Admit He Lied Under Oath

By Bob Melvin | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - Former independent counsel Kenneth Starr Friday called on President Clinton to get "right with the law'' and admit lying under oath to hide his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Starr, at a breakfast meeting with newspaper and wire service reporters, said Clinton should acknowledge publicly that he was untruthful in a January 1998 deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case to cover up his relationship with Lewinsky. Starr said Clinton should accept his responsibility and get "right with the law." White House spokesman Joe Lockhart summarily dismissed the request by Starr, suggesting that unsolicited advice for the president belongs in the trash can.

However, in an unprecedented ruling against a sitting president last April, US District Judge Susan Webber Wright found Clinton in contempt of court for giving "false, evasive and misleading answers'' in the Jones deposition that were "designed to obstruct the judicial process.'' She fined him $90,000 in July.

Clinton's lawyers reportedly have accepted Wright's ruling, but the president, who publicly admitted to an improper relationship with Lewinsky, has never said he lied under oath. The matter was referred to a judicial panel on professional conduct in Arkansas, which could disbar Clinton, a Yale-educated lawyer. Clinton was asked about the ruling at a news conference October 14th and said he would have a lot to say about the matter when he is no longer in office.