Some Michigan Republicans Want No More Presidential Primaries

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - Senator John McCain's victory in last Tuesday's presidential primary has some Michigan Republicans talking about changing the system because of the heavy independent and Democratic votes that caused McCain to beat Texas Governor George W Bush.

However, the Michigan Republican Party isn't ready to make changes just yet.

"There have been a number of people within the party that have made some noises after the Tuesday primary. I think at this point there isn't any move to change the primary and this isn't something that's likely to happen for another couple of years. Of course, we're not faced with this situation for another four years, until the next Presidential election," Sage Eastman, a spokesman for the Michigan Republican Party told

Eastman also said, "I wouldn't expect any movement on this. I think you're seeing some immediate concerns over the past election, but it will be a long time before any movement's made, one way or another."

It would take a vote of the Michigan Republican Committee to determine whether there would be future primary elections or if Presidential candidates would be selected in party caucuses, according to Eastman.

"We're not going to be faced with this for four years, so I don't think anyone's in any rush to make changes," according to Eastman.

Michigan Governor John Engler said earlier this week he would not take a position on whether to change the system until after he studies Tuesday's election results. The Governor also did not comment on any possible primary election organization during his news conference in Lansing on Thursday, according to a spokesperson from the Governor's office.

However, State Senator Thaddeus McCotter, a suburban Detroit Republican, favors closed primaries where people of the same party only select nominees.

"I voted against the (Michigan) Senate bill to move the (presidential) primary up and open it up on a day when the Democrats had nothing to do. I was the only one who did it, so it passed. Knights of Columbus elections aren't decided by Masons," McCotter told

McCotter also thinks there will not be any movement by either the Governor or the legislature to make any change in the presidential primary in Michigan.

"We've got to focus on November now and not rehash what happened in February any longer than we need to," McCotter told