Some Americans Voting for President of the 'Untied' States

By Jon Street | November 1, 2012 | 6:14 AM EDT

( - As millions of Americans prepare to vote for president of the United States, voters in one corner of the nation will instead cast their ballots for President/Vice President of the "Untied" States.

The spelling error appears at the top of Column C on the official general election ballot of Jefferson County in Washington State.

Jefferson County Auditor Donna Eldridge told that she is the one who is ultimately responsible for anything that goes out of the county’s office.

“We’re all human,” said Eldridge. “I don’t know how many words are on the ballot but we missed this,” she told

Eldridge cited only two examples of voters calling attention to the error: one voter who circled “Untied” and another voter who circled the misspelled word and wrote “copy edit.”

But Eldridge added that residents of Jefferson County are “informed” and she does not expect the typo to have any impact on the election outcome. “We do not believe this will cause any voter confusion with regard to who to vote for, for president of the United States," Eldridge said.

Jefferson County, which mails out ballots to voters to return by mail, had sent 22,690 ballots as of Oct. 29, according to Eldridge. As of Oct. 30, 9,989 ballots had been mailed back, she said.