Several House Members Want To Meet With Clinton About Death Tax

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

( - Representative Jennifer Dunn (R-WA), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, said on Friday that she and Representative John Tanner (D-TN) want to meet with President Clinton about legislation eliminating the "death tax." Dunn and Tanner sponsored the death tax elimination in the House, and Clinton has vowed to veto the bill.

"We'll be sending that bill (death tax elimination) to the President in the fall, probably some during September. He has said he would veto it. Several of us, including my Democrat co-sponsor (Tanner) and the Democrats in the House, have requested a meeting with the President because we want to show him that his numbers are very, very wrong over the long run on death tax repeal," Dunn said in a conference call with and other reporters.

Dunn contends the elimination of the death tax is a popular issue with the American electorate.

"That it is the most popular tax break even supersedes the popularity for the marriage penalty. I would guess that, since we got a veto-proof vote on that issue, I would guess that we would do an override vote on that one," Dunn said.

The White House had no comment on Dunn's remarks.

Dunn also believes eliminating the death tax is an important issue to American women as well.

"When women marry, they end up merging their income with their husbands and are pushed into a higher marginal (tax) rate. Usually, this hurts the woman more than the man because usually, unfortunately, the woman is making less money. Our proposal would allow all married couples to be able to double their standard deductions," Dunn said.

Dunn also commented on Vice President Gore visiting small businesses in Pennsylvania on Friday as part of his presidential campaign to provide tax relief for working families.

Dunn doesn't believe Gore's sincerity on the issue.

"As a member of the (House) Ways and Means committee since President Clinton and Vice President Gore came on board, I have watched one after another squandered opportunities that they left lying on the table and add to that the veto of the marriage penalty last week. That really makes me wonder how strong Vice President Gore's leadership would be," Dunn said.

Dunn vowed that congressional Republicans will override President Clinton's veto of legislation calling for eliminating the marriage tax penalty when Congress returns to work next month.

"We want the policy, and they want the issue. He vetoed the marriage penalty a couple of weeks ago and that astounds me. It seems to me that if Vice President Gore had felt that relieving the marriage penalty was important, he would have encouraged President Clinton to sign that bill.

"It (relief from the marriage penalty tax) is very, very popular around the country. We will when we come back this fall, do a veto override. The Speaker (Dennis Hastert) has committed to that in the House. We'll try to stop the incorrect and non-supportive position of the President and Vice President," Dunn said.