Senator Says He'll Keep Fighting on Behalf of Elian's Relatives

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:08 PM EDT

( - Senator Bob Smith, a New Hampshire Republican, vows he will not give up his quest to have 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez meet once again with his Miami relatives.

Those relatives returned to Miami Wednesday, after several frustrating days in Washington, where their efforts to meet with Elian and his father were rebuffed.

Senator Bob Smith told, "We're going to do our best to try to get the family access to the boy. Right now, he's surrounded by the communist goons over in (Maryland's) Eastern Shore. He's got the communist playmates. He's got people who are not teachers and psychiatrists and you know what that means. He has no access to the rest of the family. Interestingly, when the Miami family had him, he could talk to his father everyday.

"The Justice Department -- or rather the Injustice Department -- has given him no access [to the Miami relatives] whatsoever. They arrested this kid, and the way it happened is just unbelievable. This is America."

Smith said he was appalled that the Cubans were allowed to talk with Elian at Andrews Air Force Base, near Washington, while he and the Miami-based relatives were denied access.

Smith was among the guests at Wednesday's Republican National Committee gala in Washington that featured Republican presidential candidate George W Bush as its keynote speaker.

More Cubans Arrive in United States

Elian Gonzalez' former kindergarten teacher and a 10-year-old cousin have arrived from Cuba to join Elian and his family at the secluded Wye River Plantation on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Four of Elian's Cuban classmates, three of their mothers, and one of their fathers are expected to arrive today.

Elian's Miami Relatives Rebuffed

In other developments, a child psychiatrist who interviewed Elian Gonzalez for the government said this is not a good time for Elian's Miami relatives to visit him.

According to a Justice Department spokeswoman, Dr. Paulina Kernberg of Cornell University Medical College has advised INS Commissioner Doris Meissner that "Elian needs more private time with his family and she believes that before the Miami relatives see Elian they need to work out their differences with Juan Miguel."

Kernberg spent more than two hours Tuesday with the Gonzalez family at their new quarters in Maryland. According to Justice Dept. spokeswoman Carole Florman, "The doctor reported that Elian needs to feel there is no tension between his family and his Miami relatives before any sort of extended family meeting."

Florman is one of three doctors who interviewed both sides of Elian's divided family and recommended that Elian be quickly reunited with his father.

According to the Washington Post, a Justice official who requested anonymity said that Elian's self-described surrogate mother Marisleysis Gonzalez "is clearly not ready to see Elian, because she is too emotional and too angry to be a positive influence for him."

However, at her regular Thursday morning news conference, Attorney General Janet Reno said she can't imagine that Elian's Miami relatives will not be part of his life.

"I can't imagine that Marisleysis will be out of his life," Reno told reporters. "I think it will be up to experts what is the best thing to try to make arrangements for the [Miami] cousins," Reno said.

She said she believes that "the pieces of Elian's life will come together."