Sen. Paul to DOE : My Toilets Don't Work 'And I Blame You'

By Eric Scheiner | April 15, 2011 | 1:41 PM EDT

( - Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who blamed a Department of Energy (DOE) official for his non-functioning toilet a month ago, sees new government efficiency standards as something out of an Ayn Rand novel.

“You restrict my purchases, you don’t care about my choices, you don’t care about the consumer frankly, you raise the cost of the all the items with all your rules, all your notions that you know what’s best for me,” Paul said to DOE Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hogan at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on March 10th.

“Frankly, my toilets don’t work in my house. And I blame you and people like you who want to tell me what I can install in my house, what I can do. You restrict my choices, there is hypocrisy.”

During a Senate hearing on Tuesday to advance legislation that would set new efficiency standards for appliances, Sen. Rand Paul voiced his displeasure with the legislation’s enforcement.

Paul described a scene from the Ayn Rand's 1937 novel ‘Anthem’ in which the protagonist discovers the incandescent light bulb. “He takes it before the collective of elders and they take the light bulb and basically it’s crushed beneath the boot heel of the collective.” “The collective has no place, basically, for individual choice. "Now, I'm not suggesting that this collective is against electricity, per say, or for quashing individualism but I am suggesting that we're against choice."

“We are taking away people’s freedom to choose what products they want to buy. We talk about efficiency but nobody seems to care about whether the products are effective or what the consumer thinks of the products or what the consumer would buy, this is what the marketplace usually determines,” Paul added.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) (AP Photo)

Paul offered an amendment that would remove the enforcement authority of a law that imposes efficiency standards on a number of products. Paul’s amendment failed. The efficiency standards bill passed in the committee.


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