Selleck Still Gun Shy About Rosie

By Scott Hogenson | July 7, 2008 | 8:19 PM EDT

( - Actor Tom Selleck is still uneasy about the comments made by TV talk show host Rosie O'Donnell when he was on her show earlier this year and said he's in no hurry to appear on her show again.

Rather than discussing Selleck's latest film, O'Donnell, an ardent gun control advocate, instead took aim at his politics and his membership in the National Rifle Association during Selleck's appearance on the May 20, 2000 program.

The actor called O'Donnell's remarks disappointing and said he was not inclined to return as a guest any time soon. "Based on that environment, why would I want to go back to it?" asked Selleck. "It wasn't a friendly place."

O'Donnell attacked Selleck's position in favor of the 2nd Amendment during the May episode, saying "there's no reason, in my opinion, to have [guns]."

Selleck said that he wasn't the only one who felt his treatment by O'Donnell was off the mark. "They took some polls after that show and most of the universe thought she was enormously out of line," said Selleck. "The thing that disturbs me to this day, is she's never apologized."

O'Donnell faced accusations of hypocrisy the following month when it was learned that one of her child's bodyguards had applied for a gun permit.

During a June interview on NBC's Today show, O'Donnell supported her bodyguard's right to carry a gun, and said "there have been times... when I have had armed people at my house, not inside my house, outside my house, to make sure that no one who's not supposed to get in the house, get in the house."

O'Donnell claimed disclosure of the gun permit application was politically motivated by 2nd Amendment supporters.