Seattle Mayor Invites Businesses to Post 'Gun-Free Zone' Signs in Their Stores

By Penny Starr | August 19, 2013 | 3:18 PM EDT

Seattle's Democratic Mayor Mike McGinn. (AP)

( – Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, a Democrat, is inviting local merchants to voluntarily post “Gun Free Zone” signs in their businesses, letting customers who have guns know they should shop elsewhere.

“We are here to support businesses that do not wish to have guns on their premises” McGinn said in a press release issued by Washington CeaseFire, which is partnering with the mayor for the campaign. “The police department regularly enforces trespass laws when a visitor to a business violates that business’s rules.”

“We will continue to do so, and I thank these businesses for standing up for the safety of their customers,” McGinn said.

About a dozen businesses have signed up so far, according to a report.

(AP Photo)

“We’re making a statement as a community,” Ralph Fascitelli, the Washington CeaseFire board president, said in the press release. “We know this won’t stop someone determined to cause violence, but we hope that standing together and giving businesses a tool to say no to guns will change the conversation around gun violence.”

“Maybe our message will even make it to Olympia – we need better tools now to stop gun violence in our community,” Fascitelli said, citing the capital of the state.