Russell Simmons: ‘Guns Are Not for People to Have in Their Houses’

By | February 25, 2013 | 9:16 AM EST

Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons (AP Photo)

( - Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons says people don’t need to have guns in their homes as they did during Revolutionary War days.

“Guns are not for people to have in their houses,” Simmons said in an interview with ReutersTV published on Feb. 20. “That’s an old idea from when ‘the Redcoats are coming,’ or whatever. That’s old. So that’s a silly argument, but now I have to accept that’s the way people think.”

Simmons advocates a gun buyback program similar to thos that were implemented in England and Australia.

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“What should be done is like Australia and England -- buy back all the guns and that’s it. There’s no reason to have a gun to kill anything,” Simmons said. “If we’re all this Christian nation, then why would we kill animals for sport? So an automatic weapon, you don’t hunt with an automatic weapon.”

Simmons is the founder and former CEO of DefJam Recordings, a hip hop record company founded in 1984. He is originally from New York City.