Ron Paul: Federal Government Fails at Running D.C. School System

By Melanie Arter | March 6, 2012 | 3:32 PM EST

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas (AP Photo/Cheryl Senter)

( Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Monday the federal government has proven ineffective at running an educational system, as evidenced by the D.C. school system, which spends $18,000 a student and is among the worst in the country. Paul is advocating getting rid of the Department of Education.

“The federal government … has one responsibility in education, and that is over the city of D.C. So why shouldn’t the American people look at the example, look at the ability of the federal government to deal with an educational system. It’s probably the worst one in the country, unfortunately,” Paul said, speaking at a town hall meeting in the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium.

“I mean it has more crime. It has more drugs, a terrible educational system and very expensive. And every year, the people from the city come to the Congress,” asking for more money. “And inevitably, they get more money. So they’re up to about $18,000 per student,” Paul added.

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He pointed out that home schooling is a lot cheaper than $18,000.

“And guess what? If you’re a home schooler or if you have a private school, you don’t have to ask the government whether or not you can say a prayer or read the Bible. You have the right to do that,” Paul said.

“Then they say, ‘Well, maybe they won’t get as good of an education.’ Well I think that’s been disproven. I think people who get private education or home schooling do quite well,” he added.

Paul also refutes the notion that kids who are homeschooled don’t do well in sports, pointing to NFL Broncos star Tim Tebow as proof that that’s not true.

“And then they say, ‘Well, You won’t get a chance to do well in sports.’ But you know, I was talking to a football player the other day, and I think he’s rather famous right now. His name is Tim Tebow, something like that. And of course … most people know he was home schooled, and he’s doing pretty well for himself,” Paul said.

“But, anyway, there are alternatives. People think if the government doesn’t do it, it won’t happen. Well, no, that isn’t the case. If the government doesn’t do it, maybe we’ll do it for ourselves and do it much better,” he added.