Romney: Obama Spoke in 'Fantasyland' During SOTU Address

By Melanie Arter | January 25, 2012 | 3:38 PM EST

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaigns at American Douglas Metals in Orlando, Fla., Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

( GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Wednesday that President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address reminded him of the president’s recent trip to Florida, when Obama spoke in Fantasyland at Disney World.

“As I watched the president speak, I was reminded of his trip to Florida just over a week or so ago, when he spoke at Fantasyland, because he was speaking at Fantasyland again last night. He seemed so extraordinarily detached from reality, detached from what’s going on in Florida,” Romney said.

“He said last night how well things are going. If you really think that things are going well in this country, that we’re on the track, and that his policies are working, you ought to vote for him. But I think on that basis, if we ask the American people if they think things are going well or not so well, and he wants to get the votes of those who think it’s going well, he’s not going to be president very long,” he added.

Romney said the nationwide median income has dropped by 10 percent, while health care costs, gasoline prices, and food prices went up. In Florida, for instance, unemployment is at 9.9 percent and “the real unemployment and underemployment level is 18 percent.” On top of that, one quarter of all foreclosed homes in America are located in Florida, he said.

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Romney said the president’s words contradict his actions.

“So for instance, he said, ‘We really ought to lower the corporate tax rates to be competitive with others in the world,’ that ours are the highest in the world, except he’s done the opposite,” Romney said about the president’s speech.

“He’s detached from his own reality what he has done. His words and his actions are so different it’s sometimes hard to believe. So he has raised taxes on companies as opposed to lowering them,” the former Massachusetts governor said, speaking at the American Douglas Metals in Orlando, Fla.

“And then there was that whole riff about, about regulation and how regulations burden enterprises and small business. Didn’t he realize that under his presidency the rate of new regulation introduction has tripled? And he’s also laid out a whole series of new regulation that he wants to put in place. So he says he wants to cut regulations even though he’s the guy that dramatically increased them,” said Romney.

“And then there was the talk about energy. Could you believe that? Saying he was in favor of any of the above… energy resources. He wants to use all these energy resources, and it’s like, wait a second. Isn’t this the guy who’s been holding off offshore drilling? Isn’t this the guy whose EPA has made it almost impossible for us to get oil out of North and South Dakota and parts of Oklahoma and Texas. Isn’t this the guy whose regulators are making it almost impossible to get natural gas out of Pennsylvania?” he added.

What Romney found “even more disturbing” was what Obama did not say.

“What he didn’t say last night is that we’re spending too much and borrowing too much and that America is on a collision course with debt and that if we don’t get off this course, we could sink the American economy and go into calamity. We’re, if you will, a virtual Titanic, and he’s saying full-speed ahead,” the GOP candidate said.

“The difference of course is with the Titanic they couldn’t see the icebergs. In this case, we can see the iceberg. We see it. We’re headed toward it, and he’s saying ‘Full speed ahead,’” Romney said.

“It is inexplicable that he can speak to the American people about the state of the union and not describe the massive deficits we have, the fact that he has put in place almost as much public debt by the end of his four years – his only four years – he will have put in place almost as much public debt as all the prior presidents combined,” he added.