Romney at CPAC: ‘Learn From Our Mistakes and My Mistakes’

By Penny Starr | March 15, 2013 | 4:42 PM EDT

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on March 15, 2013 at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. ( Starr)

( – ‘Learn from our mistakes and my mistakes,” former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney told  the Conservative Political Action Convention on Friday.


“It’s up to us to make sure that we learn from our mistakes and my mistakes,” Romney said. “And that we take advantage of that learning to make sure that we take back the nation, take back the White House, get the Senate and put in place conservative principles,” Romney said.

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Romney, who got one of the most enthusiastic welcomes at the event, spoke for the first time since he lost the presidential race to President Barack Obama in November.

Romney thanked his supporters and campaign workers and said that he and wife Ann will treasure the experience even though he lost.

“I also left honored and humbled to have represented the values we believed in and to speak for so many good and decent people,” Romney said. “We’ve lost races before in the past, but those setbacks prepared us for larger victories.

Romney said conservatives can learn lessons from Republicans who are winning elections on the state level.

“As someone who just lost the last election I’m probably not in the best position to chart the course of the next one,” Romney said. “But that being said, let me offer this advice--and perhaps because I’m a former governor I would urge us all to learn lessons that come from some of our greatest success stories, and that’s 30 Republican governors across the country.”

Romney concluded his remarks by saying that while he will not serve the people as president, he will continue to work with them “shoulder to shoulder."