Road bike specially made for ex-NBA center stolen

By LYNN DeBRUIN | November 10, 2011 | 4:00 PM EST

MURRAY, Utah (AP) — At 7-foot-6, former NBA center Shawn Bradley needs just about everything custom-made, from clothes and chairs to countertops and doorways.

Yet the Utah resident remains dumbfounded over why someone would steal a bike so large it is probably useless to anyone but him.

The bike has an 80 centimeter carbon fiber-aluminum frame — about 50 percent larger than that for a normal-sized person. Trek never even included a serial number when it built the bicycle in 2006 because it is so unique.

The bicycle was taken Friday morning from a barn next to Bradley's home in Murray, Utah.

Bradley acknowledges it's just a bike and hardly the end of the world. But he says he's used it to shed 30 pounds of fat he put on after retiring in 2005.