RNC Urges Grassroots Effort to Forestall Tax Cut Veto

By Justin Torres | July 7, 2008 | 8:24 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Calling the move a "'Hail Mary' pass," Republican National Committee chairman Jim Nicholson urged voters to call, fax, and email President Clinton in an attempt to head off an expected veto of the $792 billion tax cut bill, signed by the GOP congressional leadership Wednesday.

What made the announcement unusual is the RNC also included the telephone and fax numbers for the White House

The move came as the White House reiterated its intention to veto the bill, which the administration says will force deep cuts in health, education, and defense.

"I'm urging Republicans everywhere to join me in a last-ditch effort to call and email Bill Clinton to urge him to sign our bill to eliminate the taxes on marriage and death and to create new incentives for Americans to save and invest for our futures," Nicholson said in a release late Wednesday.

"We want every single taxpayer to make their voice heard in Washington," Mark Pfeifle, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, told CNSNews.com. "The only way to do that is to go to the heart of the matter and make some noise at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

Republicans in Congress said today that if Clinton vetoes the bill, the chamber will not move to strike a compromise, but will attempt to pass government funding legislation by the October 1 budgetary deadline.

"If [Clinton] does veto the bill, we don't think tax cuts are completely off the table, but we pivot and try to do the appropriations process," House Speaker Dennis Hastert told wire services Wednesday.

But the RNC said that it intends to make the tax cut veto a campaign issue in the 2000 congressional elections.

"Absolutely it's a campaign issue if [Clinton] vetoes tax cuts," said Pfeifle. "It's the number one defining issue that divides Republicans and Democrats: we want tax cuts and trust the family to make economic decisions."