Residents return to flood-damaged homes in Miss.

By HOLBROOK MOHR | May 30, 2011 | 12:59 PM EDT

CUTOFF, Miss. (AP) — Some flood victims are beginning to return to their communities for the first time since the Mississippi River began to recede.

In the community of Cutoff in Mississippi's Tunica County, the streets were coated in mud and lined with debris. Javier Campos returned to the community Monday and couldn't quite get to his house, so he put on a pair of gloves and tried to help a neighbor salvage what they could from the putrid mud coating the area.

It's been nearly a month since many residents have been home.

Tunica County Planning Director Pepper Bradford says the last sections of the community will be opened sometime Monday. He says it's a milestone for the roughly 225 households that are permenant residences in a series of fishing camps.