Report: No More Candy in Safe-Sex Kits for Students

By Susan Jones | January 7, 2011 | 10:10 AM EST

( - An AIDS services group is removing candy from safe-sex kits distributed to high school students in Swanzey, N.H. The kits also contained condoms and "fruit-flavored lubricant," the New Hampshire Union-Leader reported.

Outraged parents complained after the kits were made available to students in December as part of a World AIDS Day presentation, WMUR-TV reported. The Monadnock Regional School District, apparently not realizing what was in the safe-sex kits, has now banned the group that distributed them.

WMUR quoted a school board member as saying that parents will be notified from now on when controversial programs are presented in the schools.

Susan MacNeil, director of AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region, told WMUR that lubricant is included to prevent the condom from breaking.

As for the candy: "The piece of candy is just a piece of candy," MacNeil was quoted as saying. But some people said the candy diminished the importance of safe sex; others said it was intended to entice children into sexual activity, she said. That's the last thing we wanted," MacNeil told the newspaper.

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