Reno: Let Elian Live "A Normal Life

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - Attorney General Janet Reno Thursday repeated her earlier statements that 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez should be returned to his father in Cuba, and she said her ultimate hope is that the child can once again live a normal life.

During her weekly news briefing in Washington, Reno said, "I think his father should be able to speak for him and I think he should be with his father. His father might be halfway around the world, his father might be in Miami, his father might be in Cuba. But the father has expressed a wish that the child be with him and for the process to return him, and I think that's what the decision should be.

I think it is so important that people of good will come together, work through the processes of the law as soon as possible, and get the boy home to his father. What INS has said is, for immigration purposes, for federal law, the father should speak for the boy."

"What should be done here with the little 6-year-old boy is that the people let the law take its course and then appropriately work together to see that what the law determines is right is done. I think when it comes right down to it, my hope is, that people will look at this little boy and get him into a situation where he can live a normal life, without television cameras and the world in his face. Whatever happens to the little boy, it should be done soon so that he can get on with his life," Reno said.

When asked about a published report that the Justice Department plans to go into federal court this week on the Elian Gonzalez matter, Reno replied, "We're looking at all our options. Immigration law is controlled by federal law and federal law should govern in this situation."

Reno also said the Justice Department is reviewing Elian Gonzalez's subpoena by the House Government Reform and Operations Committee, but would not comment further on that topic.

Reno also had some advice for the news media on their coverage of young Elian Gonzalez.

"I would also urge the wonderful media to stop doing "what ifs" and stop setting up dramatic confrontations and let us all work through this and get to where the right answer is for the boy," Reno said.

Florida Judge Rosa Rodriguez on Monday ruled that Elian should remain in this country until March 6th.