Reagan PAC Supports Candidates Who Are 'Responsible to the People'

By Susan Jones | February 11, 2010 | 8:27 AM EST

President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan during the Inauguration Day parade, January 20, 1981. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

( - Michael Reagan is the spokesman for a new conservative political action committee that bears his father's name.
Reagan PAC says it is dedicated to supporting Republican candidates who recognize the "contemporary conservative principles" of President Ronald Reagan and are “committed to their realization."
Reagan PAC's Web site says it supports only candidates who have signed the group's ethics pledge and its conservative principles pledge. "Holding elected officials accountable is as simple as holding them to these pledges. When a candidate fails to keep his pledge, REAGAN PAC works to replace that politician by recruiting and funding their Republican opponents," the Web site says.
On Wednesday, Michael Reagan issued a news release disagreeing with his liberal brother Ron, who insists that President Reagan would not have supported the Tea Party Movement or Sarah Palin if he were alive today.
Yes, President Reagan would have supported them, Michael Reagan said, because President Reagan championed freedom, believed in the power of the people, supported individual freedoms and liberties, and opposed government intrusion into the lives of citizens.
"I believe he would embrace the Tea Party Movement, if he were alive today, and support the work of Sarah Palin, Scott Brown and others who espouse conservative principles, who are opening up the eyes of the public to what is happening to our nation," Michael Reagan said in the Feb. 11 news release.
"Unlike my brother, I campaigned with and for my father in 1976 and in 1980 -- and I feel more qualified to say what he would and would not have supported. He would be applauding the grassroots organization of this country and Sarah Palin for making herself available to elect conservative candidates.
"Without the involvement of the Tea Party Movement, Pres. Obama would not be trying to negotiate with Republicans on health care reform. Without the Tea Party Movement, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown would not have been elected to fill the seat held by Ted Kennedy...There's no doubt that Pres. Reagan would respect the power and political potency of this movement."
The newly formed Reagan PAC says it will support candidates who are responsible to the people, not to special interest groups who finance their campaigns.
The Reagan PAC ethics pledge reads as follows:
I pledge that during my candidacy and during my service in public office, I will conduct myself at all times in a manner which reflects credit on myself, my office and the citizens who elected me to that office. I will accept no gift or benefit of any kind from any person with business or other interests before my office. I will not use my office to enrich myself personally in any way.
I will treat all citizens who seek my help equally without regard for their status as a donor to my campaign. I will not engage in any act of moral turpitude during my continuance in office.
I will obey all laws and will never use my position to unduly influence any public employee to obtain special treatment before the law. Despite my office, I will conduct myself with humility. I will respect God, my family, my country, my office and the citizens who have entrusted me with the sacred honor of governing on their behalf.

The Reagan PAC conservative principles pledge begins with the statement, "I will diligently study the Constitution of the United States of America. I will read it frequently, and I will measure all of my official actions against this, the supreme law of our nation."
The pledge also touches on the protection of family values, border security, "fairer, simpler taxes," and peace through strength.