Pro-Military ‘Act of Valor’ Tops Box Office With $24.7 Million Opening

By Patrick Burke | February 27, 2012 | 4:26 PM EST

Scene form the movie, "Act of Valor." (AP Image)

( -- The patriotic,  action-packed and low budget “Act Of Valor” movie, featuring real Navy SEALs, was the number one movie this past weekend, opening at almost $25 million.

The distributor of “Act of Valor,” Relativity Media, estimated the film generated $24.7 million in ticket sales, beating out the new Tyler Perry film “Good Deeds,” which came in second at the box office with $16 million.

Last summer, Relativity Media acquired rights to “Act of Valor” from the production company Bandito Brothers for $13 million, and proceeded to spend millions more on advertising and marketing, which included four commercials during the Super Bowl. The movie’s production budget, provided by Bandito Brothers, was reportedly $12 million.

Scene from the movie, "Act of Valor." (AP Image)

“Act of Valor” experienced the strongest opening for a modern war film (sci-fi films not included) since “Jarhead” in 2005, which was a fictionalized account of U.S. Marines during the Persian Gulf War. Moreover, “Act of Valor” also had a production budget considerably lower than that of other films in the modern war film genre.

Directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, “Act of Valor” stars real life Navy SEALs instead of actors and, as the film’s trailer indicates, the weapons and tactics seen in the movie are used in actual SEAL missions. The film’s directors sought to create a realistic portrayal of a Navy SEAL mission.

While the film strives to accurately portray Navy SEAL missions, its storyline is wholly fictional. Upon the rescue of a CIA agent (played by actress Roselyn Sanchez), a team of Navy SEALs embark on a series of missions around the world to foil a terrorist plot.