Pro-Lifers Find Inspiration in Justice Moore's Arguments

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:04 PM EDT

( - Pro-life activists appear to be taking a cue from "Ten Commandments" judge Roy Moore: "No longer do we hold [the federal courts'] decisions binding upon us, upon our children, or upon our nation," said the Rev. Flip Benham, director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America.

"The second American Revolution begins!" Benham said in a press release issued after Moore, the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, said he would continue to defy a federal court order telling him to remove a Ten Commandments monument from Alabama's judicial building.

In a speech on Thursday, Moore argued that blind obedience to "this so-called rule of law" would have allowed slavery to continue.

Speaking on NBC's Today show Friday morning, Justice Moore said he does believe in the justice system and he does believe people should obey the higher court -- "except when that higher court is not going by law. That makes them lawless. And they're not following the rule of the law. The law is, clearly, is the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment, and the Preamble; and the Constitution of Alabama, both of which acknowledge God.

"We're in a situation in this country where judges are telling us what to think and who to believe in and they simply can't do that," he said.

"The judicial system in America has trampled true justice and nullified genuine liberty," Benham agreed.

Benham said federal judge Myron Thompson "is in contempt of the court which is truly supreme -- the Court of Almighty God."

In his statement, Benham criticized the U.S Supreme Court and other federal courts for trying to "erase the name of Jesus from the hearts of our children, our schools our work places, and the public square."

He said believers in Jesus Christ "will resist them."