Pro-Life Leaders Call for Meeting with Obama to Discuss Ways to End Abortion

By Melanie Hunter-Omar | December 18, 2008 | 3:45 PM EST

( – Leaders from the pro-life community are asking for a face-to-face meeting with President-elect Barack Obama – the first of its kind – to discuss ways to “work together to build a ‘culture of life’ which honors equality and human rights and ends abortion.”
In a letter to Obama, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, wrote: “Our hope is that we can come together and work for social justice and equality for all Americans regardless of their race, gender, physical and mental challenges or stage of development.”
“Mr. President-Elect, during your campaign you highlighted two issues that are of critical concern to us and our nation. First, you stated one of your primary social goals was to reduce the number of abortions. We could not agree with you more. A nation is judged, not by how they treat the powerful and successful, but how they treat the most defenseless, fragile and needy,” Mahoney wrote.
Mahoney added that “the majority of our delegation would be made up of women who run medical clinics that specifically deal with those who find themselves in challenging pregnancies, and post-abortive women who have been wounded and diminished by abortion.”
“It is important that you hear from professionals in the field who daily reduce the number of abortions through their labor of love and sacrifice. It is equally essential for you to hear first-hand narratives from the growing chorus of millions of women who have been bruised and diminished through abortion as they have tragically discovered abortion is not a “safe” procedure,” he added.
“Obama has repeatedly stated during his campaign and in post election comments his strong desire to meet with those who have differing views from his. It is our hope and prayer that these words truly reflect his heart and were not shallow campaign promises to be discarded after the election,” Mahoney said in a press release.
"President-Elect Obama has never sat down with members of the pro-life community that represent the values embraced by millions of Americans. He has never heard the narratives of women who have been bruised and diminished through abortion,” Mahoney said.
"If President-Elect Obama is truly interested in reducing abortions, it is imperative that he sit down and dialogue with those who have dedicated their lives toward ending this tragedy," added Mahoney.
"Every day clinics like ours reach out to women who are experiencing difficult and crisis pregnancies. We do so at no cost to the women who use our services,” said Brandi Swindell, president and founder of Stanton Healthcare.

"It is important for President-Elect Obama to hear our stories and the stories of our clients to understand that social justice begins in the womb. We cannot be considered a just and compassionate nation if we do not provide and protect the most defenseless and vulnerable in our society.
"Mr. Obama talks about hope and change and we admire that. However, that message of hope and change must extend to all Americans and include those who have no voice of their own. Those are the over 50,000,000 innocent children who have been aborted since Roe V. Wade," Swindell added.
The pro-life leaders plan to hold a news conference on Friday to discuss the meeting with Obama.