Pro-Life Group Warns Bush on Stem-Cell Funding

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:28 PM EDT

( - A pro-life group, the Virginia-based American Life League, has taken out a full-page advertisement in a national newspaper warning President Bush that he'll be a one-term president -- just as his father was -- if he decides to support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

The newspaper ad in Tuesday's Washington Times shows side-by-side pictures of both President Bushes - father and son. The caption under President George H. W. Bush's photo says, "Read my lips! No new taxes." Breaking that promise is widely believed to have cost him re-election in 1992.

Under a photo of the current President Bush, the caption reads: "Read my lips! 'I oppose federal funding for stem-cell research that [destroys] human embryos!'"

The ad notes that during his 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush promised to "resist all pressure from Congress to release federal funds for stem cell research.

"His political base took him at his word and elected him," the ad continues. "But now, Bush appears ready to cave in and approve federal funds for stem-cell research. If he does, even the threat of Hillary Clinton won't reactivate his political base sufficiently to re-elect him in 2004."

The ad leaves two spaces under George W. Bush's photo - one for the date his campaign promise is broken - if it is broken. And the second blank space is for the "consequence" of breaking his campaign promise to ban federal funding for stem cell research.

President Bush is said to be examining all sides of the stem-cell funding issue. He has not said when he will make a decision, but he has said that when he does, it will be after great thought, debate, and deliberation.

On Monday, First Lady Laura Bush said embryonic stem cell research could save lives, but also she said she doesn't know whether her husband will allow federal funding for such research.

"A lot of these embryos will be destroyed anyway or disposed of anyway, so I think that makes it even more difficult," Mrs. Bush told CNN's "Inside Politics." She said, "There's certainly a 'life' side of it as well, when you think about life that could be saved by research."

Mrs. Bush, unlike her husband, has said she supports a woman's right to choose abortion. Her husband has said he is staunchly pro-life.

Pro-life groups are not opposed to stem-cell research involving adult stem cells. It's the destruction of embryos they categorically reject.