Pro-Life Group Reverses Position, Now Rejects Roberts

By Monisha Bansal | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

( - The conservative, pro-life group Public Advocate revoked its support Wednesday for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts due to his involvement in a Colorado court case involving homosexual rights.

Last month, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate stated that his group planned to "stand by this nominee as he will be inevitably attacked by these radical senators and the far-left special interest groups that see the Court as the only way to advance their political agenda because of their rejection by the American voters."

But now it is Delgaudio who is attacking Roberts. Delgaudio told Cybercast News Service that while he was "enthusiastic with no pale pastels ... I was wrong to be supporting him."

Public Advocate said Roberts voluntarily contributed his time to help overturn a Colorado law that prohibited any local ordinances from being passed to protect individuals based on their homosexuality. The group said Roberts' involvement means he was assisting in upending constructionism and promoting an anti-family agenda, while claiming to be pro-family.

"This is too much for us to bear today," Delgaudio said. "There have been several attempts to say this isn't significant. I'm saying it is."

Kevin Cathcart, executive director of the homosexual activist group, Lambda Legal, downplayed Roberts' involvement in the Colorado case. "As is often the case in lawsuits of this magnitude, many lawyers and law firms participated in the [Colorado] litigation. Lawyers in firms are often called on to play roles to support their firm's work; the work is routine and as here, often goes without notice."

However, in terms of Roberts' legal background, Cathcart said the judge's "much more extensive advocacy of positions that we oppose continues to raise significant questions for us.

"A primary issue for us is to what degree, if any, this work reflects on the judicial philosophy Judge Roberts would bring to the Supreme Court."

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