Pro-Life Group Responds to Abortion Pill Shipment

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

( - As the abortion pill RU-486 is shipped to U.S. doctors and abortion clinics for the first time this week, a pro-life group in Wisconsin is prepared with a shipment of its own.

Pro-Life Wisconsin announced on Tuesday that it plans to send out "Community Action Kits" by the end of the week to help pro-life activists expose anyone in the local medical community who is associated with it.

"The kit arms the pro-lifer with different things they can do, like call their doctors to find out what doctors will prescribe RU 486, do investigative work within their communities, and [find out] what pharmacies are filling prescriptions," said Peggy Hamill, state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin pro-life group is hoping that education and publicity will keep most doctors from prescribing the abortion pill.

"The key to keeping this new way to kill babies in the confines of existing abortion centers is community mobilization," explained Hamill. "Physicians who are considering dispensing [abortion pill] Mifeprex need to know that if they do, they will be labeled an abortionist in their community," she said.

"We truly believe the reputable doctors will not get involved in this at all, because they know what it is," Hamill added.

Pro-Life Wisconsin saw a special need to act because RU-486 could make abortion and abortion providers more removed from the public scrutiny of an abortion clinic. Unlike surgical abortion, pill-induced abortion is not performed in a medical facility.

"This battle will have to be fought within the community [because] the abortion groups are speaking of this as a private [event]," said Hamill.

The kits also include a sample letters to the editor and newspaper ads about RU-486. Pro-Life Wisconsin plans to distribute their kits to anyone upon request.