Pro-Life Group Documents Another Planned Parenthood-Girl Scout Tie

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:21 PM EDT

( - A pro-life group says it is outraged that a former Planned Parenthood official is the new executive director of a Girl Scouts council in Omaha, Nebraska.

"It is time parents in Omaha and elsewhere investigate the real motives of this once wholesome organization," said Jim Sedlak, executive director of STOPP International, a division of the American Life League.

Since March, STOPP International has been conducting research to determine how many of the 315 Girl Scout councils in the United States have some sort of relationship with Planned Parenthood.

As of today, 25 of the 108 councils STOPP has classified (23 percent) do have a relationship with Planned Parenthood, and that now includes the Great Plains Council in Omaha, Sedlak said.

The Great Plains Council has named Beverly Todd Nolte as its new executive director. Nolte is the former vice president of marketing at Planned Parenthood of Nebraska and Council Bluffs, STOPP International said.

"It would be naive to believe that Nolte's appointment is a coincidence, or that it won't translate into a stronger Planned Parenthood influence over the young girls who are a part of this council," Sedlak said.

"For the past three years, Ms. Nolte has been focused on marketing Planned Parenthood's message, as well as serving as one of its lobbyists to local government. It is only natural to connect the dots and realize that this is the same message she will now try to sell to the children involved in the Great Plains Council."

According to STOPP International, Nolte - in January -- defended a program telling teens how they could bypass Nebraska's parental notification law.

Sedlak warned, "Now that Nolte is head of a Girl Scout council, there is little question that she will seek to undermine parental authority and underhandedly teach these young girls how to get abortions behind their parents' backs."

STOPP International describes itself as a "project dedicated to fighting Planned Parenthood's anti-life agenda."

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