Pro-Life Activist Urges Conservatives to Stand Firm for Principle

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:04 PM EDT

( - A leading pro-life activist is admonishing his fellow conservatives not to betray their principles by voting for Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Oct. 7 California recall election.

Randall Terry notes that the upcoming election has raised a recurring debate in the Republican Party -- a debate that threatens to split the party in two.

In Terry's words, the debate boils down to this: "Should voters remain true to 'principle,' and support Tom McClintock? Or should they vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he alone can defeat [Democrat] Cruz Bustamante, and it would be better for the party, California, and the nation to have a Republican governor?"

Terry bemoans the fact that a number of conservative leaders are backing Schwarzenegger because they see him as the only Republican candidate who can win.

According to Terry, Schwarzenegger's support of abortion, gun control and domestic partnerships should make the recall election a no-brainer for conservatives.

"If we are heartless enough to betray the innocent victims of murder (pre-born babies) by supporting Schwarzenegger; if we are foolish enough to vote for a man who would steal (on the installment plan) our right to self-defense; if we calloused enough to support a man who would destroy the definition of family, we should not be surprised if we wake up ten or twenty years from now to find that the Republican Party is a moral cesspool," Terry writes in a statement issued to the press.

He concludes that backing a perceived winner (Schwarzenegger) is no excuse to betray what he calls sacred principles.

"Support of Schwarzenegger is doubly offensive when a man of the character and stature of Tom McClintock is in the race," Terry says. Terry notes that McClintock is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and opposed to the homosexual agenda. Moreover, McClintock is fiscally conservative; he's a state senator with political experience; and, said Terry, "he is close enough in the polls that he can actually win."

"Backing Schwarzenegger is a betrayal of all we hold dear," Terry opines. "Don't betray your conscience," he exhorts his fellow conservatives.

"We have a duty to resist, obstruct, and defeat those in our party who seek to remake it into the party of murder, tyranny, and sodomy," Terry writes. "The GOP family needs healing. We must stop pretending that violence and treachery against liberty are OK in our "big tent."