Pro-Abortion Concert Prompts Protests by Pro-Lifers

July 7, 2008 - 8:03 PM

( -A pro-abortion feminist organization is holding a rock concert in Los Angeles Friday to show its support for the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. Pro-life demonstrators plan to be there, too -- to make their voices heard.

The Feminist Majority bills its all-women "Rock for Choice Show" as an effort to "save" Roe v. Wade. "Never before has the right to safe, legal abortion been in greater jeopardy," the group said in a press release. Abortion advocates are especially concerned that President Bush will appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices.

The "Rock for Choice" concert, featuring artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Paula Cole, The Bangles and Sarah McLachlan, will be emceed by actress Laura Dern.

It "mobilizes the music community to protect abortion rights...and gives young adults an opportunity to fight back by encouraging them to get educated and active in the fight for reproductive rights and to register to vote," the Feminist Majority said in a statement.

No need to 'save' Roe

Erik Whittington, a pro-life activist, said the Feminist Majority is too late to "save" Jane Roe, who "already has been saved from the lies of the Big Abortion industry."

Whittington was referring to Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" in Roe v. Wade, who became a pro-life activist after her Supreme Court challenge made abortion legal.

"The concert is to save Roe V. Wade. That's what they claim," said Whittington, the director of Rock for Life. "But what they maybe don't know or what maybe they haven't thought of is that Norma now a Christian. She is pro-life, 'no exceptions, no compromise' and she spends her whole life fighting the pro-abortion life that she once believed in."

Whittington's Rock for Life is part of the American Life League, the nation's largest pro-life education organization.

"These alleged feminist should just cancel their concert," Whittington said, adding that money raised through the concert will be used to "promote the abortion of future music fans."

McCorvey will not attend the pro-life rally at the Los Angeles concert on Friday, but through her Website, she "strives to represent the hope that can come from the lies and deceit of the Roe v. Wade decision." Her ministry promotes the pro-life agenda through speaking engagements around the nation.

"She talks about the fact that she used to be pro-abortion," said Whittington. "She used to believe in the lies of the Big Abortion industry, and also that she was won over to the pro-life side by people that were pro-life and that just loved her, and prayed for her and became her friend and invited her to church. And she wasn't yelled at like many people may think...She was won over by ... Operation Rescue," Whittington said.

Exposing Hypocrisy

Operation Rescue plans to take part in the pro-life rally outside the concert hall on Friday.

"We, of course, believe that abortion is murder - infanticide - and when you have a group of people that are celebrating the destruction of human beings, we find it absolutely sick and revolting that they are throwing a big party to celebrate the murder of 41 million children," said Troy Newman, director of Operation Rescue West.

"We're going to be highlighting that and exposing the hypocrisy that 'choice' is. In other words, 'choice' is a hypocrisy beyond belief. The child has no choice," said Newman.

"We believe that life begins at the moment of conception and ends at natural death. And any taking of life, of the judicially innocent, is murder and is reprehensible in the eyes of God. So we're Christians that believe in the sanctity of human life," Newman said.

Newman described Operation Rescue as a "prophetic group of people that respond to the murder of innocent children with direct action and intervention through peaceful and non-violent methods.

"We go directly to the abortion clinics and try to shut them down peacefully, sometimes through legal methods by finding out where they're disposing of their trash illegally, evading taxes, medical malpractice, et cetera."

He said his group has been very "effective" at shutting down abortion clinics.

"We expose the abortionists, because there's still a stigma attached to the word abortionist. We go to his home neighborhood, to his country club, to where he frequents his dinner parties, where he goes out to eat...his golf club. And we expose them there, and that effectively runs a lot of abortionists out of town."

Mary Hood, a spokesperson for the Feminist Majority, declined comment.