Presidential Primary Race Shifts to Washington State

By Darren Reynolds | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

Seattle, WA ( - Fresh from his primary victories in Michigan and Arizona, Republican presidential candidate John McCain continued his aggressive campaigning on Wednesday with stops in Washington state and California.

McCain's first stop was at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, where he spoke to many students, encouraging them to vote in next Tuesday's primary. Twenty-eight percent of all voters in the Michigan primary said they were voting for the first time. McCain says that echoes his call "to engage, to involve and to inspire young Americans."

McCain entered the building accompanied by the song, "Johnny B Goode." He compared himself to the university's basketball team, which surprised everyone by making it to the Elite Eight in last year's NCAA tournament in March.

The Republican hopeful answered questions on the government surplus, social security and foreign policy in China. \tab

McCain says that he understands many of his supporters are from the Democratic Party. He told his supporters that, "Whatever happens in this race, we have changed the shape of American politics."

McCain will spend the rest of Wednesday in Seattle and at a rally at the ferry dock in Bremerton.

McCain's main opponent, George W Bush, will visit Washington state on Sunday and Monday.

Both Democrat presidential candidates, Al Gore and Bill Bradley, also are making their way to Washington state before next week's primary. Bradley visits Wednesday night while Gore will attend rallies this weekend.