Presidential Candidates Comment on Global Hotspots

By Jason Pierce | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

( -Both presidential candidates Thursday condemned the apparent attack on a US Navy destroyer in Yemen, and they urged Palestinian restraint in the midst of escalating violence.

Republican George W. Bush called on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to bring peace in the midst of violence that broke out in the occupied territories on Thursday.

"Chairman Arafat must stand up and call upon the people he represents to put down their rocks and arms," Bush said. "He must take a leadership role to quell the violence. It's time for him to be a statesman."

Vice President Al Gore also weighed in on the trouble in Israel.

'I want to call on Chairman Arafat to issue instructions to those who have been perpetrating the violence to cease and desist. It is time to start building again on the relative progress of the previous few days," he said. "That can still be done to end the violence and damp down tensions."

Gore also commented on the apparent attack on the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen Thursday, where at least four U.S sailors were killed and 36 injured.

"If it is determined to be the result of a terrorist attack, those responsible should know that the United States will not rest until the perpetrators are held accountable," Gore said.

Bush also said the attack must not go unanswered.

"We need to gather enough evidence to see who did the act and take the necessary action," he said. "There must be a consequence."