Poll Shows Giuliani Still a 'Strong Candidate'

By Jerry Miller | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - A Zogby Poll of 601 likely voters conducted over the weekend for New York City television station WNYW found that more than 82 percent of New Yorkers believe Mayor Rudy Giuliani "is still a strong candidate" in his US Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton, even after the mayor disclosed he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Twelve percent told pollsters the mayor was no longer a strong candidate, while the rest said they were uncertain.

Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed said they believed Giuliani will stay in the race, while 12 percent said they no longer believed he would make the run.

Among those predicting Giuliani would not run, 16.9 percent were men and 6.9 percent women. "Men are probably more aware and more scared of prostate cancer than are women," pollster John Zogby told the New York Post.

The survey also showed the mayor has not gotten a so called "sympathy bounce" from his cancer announcement and remains in a virtual dead heat with Clinton, trailing her by a margin of 42.7 percent to 42.6 percent. The remainder said they are undecided.

"I had expected that he would pick up some additional support," Zogby said. A Zogby poll, taken two weeks ago, had the mayor leading Clinton by three percent.

The survey also found Clinton leading the mayor in heavily Democratic New York City, by a margin of 61.8 percent to 29.2 percent. However, Giuliani led Clinton in the suburbs by a margin of 47.9 to 34.1 percent and was ahead in upstate areas by a margin of 47.6 percent to 36.2 percent.

Giuliani also led among white voters 51.8 percent to 32.7 percent, while Clinton led among blacks by a margin of 88.6 percent to 1.7 percent and among Hispanics by 73.4 to 16.7 percent.

Among Jewish voters, Clinton was narrowly ahead, 43.2 percent to 42,4 percent.