Police, volunteers search for missing Detroit girl

By COREY WILLIAMS | December 5, 2011 | 1:30 PM EST

This image provided by Michigan Amber Alert via The Detroit News shows Bianca Jones, 2 years old. Detroit's police chief says investigators are questioning the truth of a story that Bianca Jones was kidnapped during a carjacking. Chief Ralph Godbee issued a statement Sunday, De. 4, 2011 saying police are interested in "allaying some of the fears of the public" about the "apparent randomness" of her disappearance. (AP Photo/Michigan Amber Alert via The Detroit News)

DETROIT (AP) — About three dozen people have joined Detroit police officers in the search for a 2-year-old girl reported missing by her father, who said she was taken during a carjacking last week.

They left in a cold rain Monday morning from a church not far from where Dandre Lane told police that daughter Bianca Jones was last seen Friday. Searchers were split into groups of about 10 people and assigned blocks to canvass.

Police told them they should look through fields, alleys, vacant lots and trash cans. They were also asked to speak to people who could be witnesses.

Chief Ralph Godbee said Sunday investigators were questioning the truth of Lane's story. Godbee said Lane was in custody on unrelated charges.